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This is it for now… A few scattered projects brought to light by yours truly, along with scattered kittybats and acquaintances that were lovely enough to give me some material. If you deem yourself cool enough (hehehe… insert the superiority complex here) you can submit a review… publishing pending, depending on whether or not you meet the criteria. The rules are:


No blatant hate ranting; there's a separate section of this rag reserved for you fiends! (*LINKYDINK*) .

No reviewing of your own material… whether it's a tape or a piece of toilet paper with scribbling on it… if it's yours and it's obvious that you wrote a review just to push it… you suck! And you will be ignored by my email fairie.

etc.. etc… etc…


You have been warned. Now be nice… and submit something!


Meanwhile… clicky on da left see some fun reviews.



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