Here it is... the almost-complete list of what i own. i didnt include format but it doesnt really matter. tape trades are available at request. send me a list of what you have. i will update this list pretty often.
ARTIST //////////////ALBUM
Alien sex fiend Drive my rocket
Amos, Tori From the choirgirl hotel
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes
Amos, Tori Under the pink
Amos, Tori Winter single
Amos, Tori Caught a lite sneeze
Amos, Tori Proffessional widow
Amos, Tori Tallula
Amos, Tori Boys for pele
Amos, Tori  In the springtime of his voodoo
Amos, Tori  Under the pink
Ant, Adam B-Side babies
Aphex twin Selected ambient works vol. II
Assemblage 23 Wires
Autechre Amber
Azoic, the Divine suffering
Babyland Whos sorry now
Babyland Outlive your enemies
Babyland You suck crap
Babyland A Total Letdown
Babyland Safe equals no sound 7"
Bangles Everything
Battery Aftermath
Battery NV
Battery Mutate
Battery Distance
Bauhaus Press eject and give me the tape
Bauhaus Mask
Bauhaus Burning on the inside
Bauhaus Swing the heartache BBC Sessions
Bauhaus  The sky has gone out
Beastie boys Hello nasty
Birthday party Hits
Bjork Post
Bjork Homogenous
Black tape for a blue girl The rope
Black tape for a blue girl Remnants of a deeper purity
Blade Runner soundtrack
Cabaret voltaire ??
Cabaret voltaire HAI !
Chris & cosey Action! (live)
Christian death Ashes
Christian death Rage of angels
Christian death Decomposition of violets
Christian death The path of sorrows
Christian death Iron mask
Christian death Death in detroit (remixes)
Clash, the Combat rock
Clay People Firetribe
Cocteau twins Garlands
Cocteau twins Blue bell knoll
Cocteau twins Treasure
Cocteau twins Pink Opaque, the
Cocteau twins Head over heels
Cocteau twins Heaven or las vegas
Cohen, Leonard Best of Leonard Cohen
Coil Snow E.P.
Coil Love's Secret Domain
Collide Beneath the skin
Concrete blonde Boodletting
Connelly, Chris Whiplash boychild
Cranes Wings of joy
Cranes ?
Cranes Forever
Crass Christ -  the album
Creatures Boomerang
Cure Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
Cure Disintegration
Cure Faith/Carnage visors
Cure Mixed up
Cure Standing on a beach: the b-sides
Cure Staring at the sea: the singles
Cure Wish
Cure Boys dont cry
Cure Paris
Cure Show
Cure Pornography
Cyberaktif Tenebrae vision
Daft punk Homework
Damned, the BBC Sessions 76-80
Danzig, Glenn Black aria
Dead can dance Into the labyrinth
Dead can dance Towards the within
Dead can dance Within the realm of a dying sun
Dead can dance Aeion
Dead can dance Spiritchaser
Dead can dance A Passage in time
Dead kennedys Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
Death in june 93 dead sunwheels
December Hope for nothing
Delirium Semantic Spaces
Delirium Duende
Depeche Mode Speak & spell
Depeche Mode 101 (2 casettes)
Depeche Mode Songs of faith & devotion
Depeche Mode Some great reward
Depeche Mode Catching up with depeche mode
Depeche Mode Ultra
Depeche Mode Music for the masses
Depeche Mode Construction time again
Depeche Mode Black Celebration
Depeche Mode World in my eyes
Depeche Mode Never let me down
Depeche Mode People are people
Depeche Mode But not tonight
Depeche mode Violator
Depeche mode Catching up with depeche mode
Depeche mode Music for the masses - ltd. remix edition
Depeche mode Singles 86-98
Depeche mode Singles 81-85
Depeche mode Promo remix cd (*singles 86-98*)
Devo Freedom of choice
Die krupps vs. Frontline Assembly Die krupps vs. Frontline Assembly
DJ Spooky Necropolis: the dialogic project
Doubting thomas The infidel
Download Furnace
Download Sidewinder
Download Charlie's family sndtrck.
Download The Eyes of Stanley Pain
Download  III
Duran duran Rio
Duran duran Wedding album
Duran duran Arena (live '84)
Echo & the bunnymen Nothing lasts forever
Echo & the bunnymen Ocean rain
Einsturzende neubaten Strategies against architecture V.I
Einsturzende neubaten Strategies against architecture V.II
Einsturzende neubaten 1/2 Mensch
Einsturzende neubaten Haus der luge
Elfman, Danny Beetlejuice soundtrack
Enya Watermark
Enya Enya
Enya  Shepard Moons
Enya  Memory of trees
F.M. Einheit Radio inferno
F.M. Einheit s_d
Faith & disease Fortune his sleep
Faith & the muse Elyria
Fitzgerald, Ella w/ Louis Armstrong...
Foetus Gash
Foetus Scraping foetus off the wheel/"hole"
Fragmented Set
Front 242 Official version
Front 242 Front by front
Front 242  Tyranny for you
Frontline assembly Initial command
Fugazi Steady diet of nothing
Fugazi Repeater
Germs, the The complete anthology
Gira, Michael Drainland
Glove, the Blue sunshine
Gore, Martin L. Counterfeit
Gridlock Sickness
Holiday, Billie Best of billie holiday
Human drama Feel
Human drama The world inside
Intermix Intermix
Intermix Future Primitives
Ivoux  Frozen
Jane's Addiction Jane's Addiction
Jarboe solo project
Jawbreaker 24 hour revenge therapy
Jesus & mary chain Honey's dead
Jesus lizard Shot
Jesus lizard Goat
Jesus lizard Liar
Jesus lizard Show
Jesus lizard Lash
Joy division Permanent
Joy division Still
Joy division Unknown pleasures
Joy division Substance
Joy division Closer
Kevorkian death cycle Collection for injection
Key, Cevin Music for cats
KMFDM Live in Dallas 1/28/90
KMFDM  Angst
Lateral tension Pressure device
Lauper, Cyndi She's so unusual
Leaether strip Underneath the laughter
Leaether strip Fit for flogging
Legendary pink dots Brighter now
Legendary pink dots The tower
Legendary pink dots Contra niestras puedas
Love & rockets Sweet lover hangover
Love spirals downwards Ardor
Loveline archive Loveline w/ Love & Rockets
Lycia Burning circle & then dust
Lycia A day in the stark corner
Lycia Live
Lycia  Cold
March Violets  Walk into the sun
Massive Attack Mezzanine
Mazzy star So tonight that I might see
Mazzy star Among my swan
Mentallo & the fixer Continuum
Ministry Twitch
Ministry 12" singles
Ministry The mind is a terrible thing to taste
Ministry Every day is halloween
Ministry Psalm 69
Ministry Land of rape & honey
Miranda sex garden Fairytales of slavery
Miranda sex garden Suspiria
Miranda sex garden Iris
Misfits, the Collection II
My Life with the thrill kill kult Confessions of a knife
My life with the thrill kill kult Sexplosion
My life with the thrill kill kult I see good spirits, I see bad spirits
Nerve filter Evasion of primacy
New Order Substance
New Order Power, corruption & lies
New Order Republic
New Order Technique
Nine inch nails Sin
Nirvana Nevermind
Not breathing Time music of quazars
Oingo boingo Alive
Oingo boingo Only a lad
Pigface Fook
Pigface Notes from thee underground
Pigface Feels like heaven... sounds like shit
Pigface Gub
Pigface Welcome to mexico... asshole
Pink floyd Wall, the
Pink floyd Wish you were here
Pink floyd Meddle
Pixies Doolittle
Pixies Come on pilgrim
Pixies Death to the Pixies
Pixies Surferossa
Pop will eat itself Dos dedos mis amigos
Pop will eat itself This is the day... this is the hour... this is this
Portishead Portishead
Portishead Dummy
Premature ejaculation
Prick Prick
Prodigy Experience
Prodigy Breathe
Prodigy Breathe
Psychedelic furs Talk, talk, talk
Psychic tv Towards the infinite beat
Radiohead OK computer
Radiohead Itch
Radiohead Bends
Radiohead Paranoid android
Radiohead Airbag/How's my driving?
Rasputina How we quit the forest
Ritalin Bedside toxicology
Rocky horror picture show Original soundtrack
Rosetta stone Adrenaline
Scraping foetus off the wheel Hole
Shadow project Shadow project
Sheep on drugs Greatest hits
Shroud, the Long ago and far away
Siouxsie & the banshees Once upon a time: the singles
Siouxsie & the banshees Kiss them for me
Siouxsie & the banshees Through the looking glass
Siouxsie & the banshees The Rapture
Siouxsie & the banshees Kaleidoscope
Siouxsie & the banshees Peekaboo
Siouxsie & the banshees Nocturne
Sister machine gun Torture technique
Sisters of mercy First and last and always
Sisters of mercy Greatest hits v.1
Sisters of mercy Vision thing
Sisters of mercy Floodland
Skinny puppy Mind: the perpetual intercourse
Skinny puppy Rabies
Skinny puppy Back & forth series two
Skinny puppy Epitaph bootleg 1
Skinny puppy Epitaph bootleg 2
Skinny puppy Last rights
Skinny Puppy Smothered hope
Skinny puppy Too dark park
Skinny puppy Vivisect VI
Skinny puppy Worlock
Skinny Puppy Cleanse, fold and manipulate
Skinny Puppy 12" Anthology
Skinny Puppy Spasmolytic
Skinny Puppy Bites
Skinny Puppy Remission
Skinny Puppy Remix Dystemper
Skinny puppy Ain't it dead yet?
Skinny puppy Chainsaw
Skinny Puppy  Process
Smiths, the Best...1
Soft cell Memorabilia - the singles
Soft Cell Non-stop erotic cabaret
Spahn ranch Collateral damage
Specials More specials
Specimen  Batastrophe
Stray cats Built for speed
Subconscious compilation "Paradigm Shift"
Substance reactor Isolate
Subversion Damaged gods
Subversion Shatter & impale
Subversion Winds of war
Sunny day real estate Diary
Sunshine Blind Singles 12"
Swans The burning world
Swans Swans are dead
Swans Soundtracks for the blind
Swans Body to Body Job to Job
Swans Kill the Child
Swans Love will tear us apart
Swans The great annihilator
Swans  Children of God / World of Skin
Switchblade Symphony Serpentine Gallery
Switchblade Symphony Bread & jam for frances
Switchblade Symphony Scrapbook
Switchblade Symphony Clown
Switchblade Symphony Drool
System of a down System of a down
Tear Garden Tired eyes slowly burning
Tear Garden Sheila liked the rodeo
Tear Garden To be an angel blind...
Tear Garden, the Sheila liked the rodeo
THD Outside in
Thistle Thistle
Throbbing gristle Nags head high wycombe
Tones on tail Night music
Tool Opiate
Tool Aenima
Tool Undertow
Trance to the sun Azalean sea
Trance to the sun Venomous eve
U2 October
U2 War
U2 Joshua tree
Vampire nation Coph nia
Various artists 21st Circuitry shox
Various artists TV Terror
Various artists Shut up kitty
Various artists Gothic Rock I
Various artists Gothic Rock II
Various artists A means to an end: the music of Joy Division
Various artists Whip, the
Various artists Natural born killers sndtrck.
Various artists Reflections in the looking glass - a tribute to Siouxsie
Various artists Pretty in pink sndtrck.
Various artists Undead compilation
Various artists Trainspotting sndtrck.
Various artists Industrial nation sampler #3
Various artists TV Terror
Various artists Just can't get enough - 80's comp - #10
Various artists Saucerful of pink - tribute to Pink Floyd
Various artists Bram Stoker's Dracula sndtrck
Various artists The Hunger sndtrck
Various artists Industrial nation sampler #3
Various artists Just can't get enough of the 80's vol. 10
Various artists Newer Wave
Various artists  Disease of lady madeline
Various artists - Projekt Beneath the icy floe
Violent Femmes Add it up
Wench Demo
4/14/99 5:19 pm