Sappy Slappy Happy Zillah
Velcome, silly kinderbats! As some of you may already know, I have received my certificate of proficiency, and am not attending kindergarden... errr... umm... high school anymore. *giggle*. This may come as a surprise to those who thought I would never graduate (evol fiends!!!)
Well...... HA HA HA!!!
Anyway, I have been attending DVC now for the past two semesters... and counting. (yeah, yeah,,, great expectations,,, community college... shut up, evols), preparing to go to San Francisco State University to study film and art. So bear with me, children of the toilet bowl. You may or may not see some new issues of Corpsey out soon. It all depends on the torture that I shall have to endure. I am truly apologetic when it comes to the wait on this issue. I've been.... adjusting. heh. Blargh. I will make up for all that in the next issue. Promise. Anyhoo... I hope you will enjoy this pathetic attempt at expressiveness. I have grown too fond of my webzine as not to selfishly promote it so WRITE TO ME, you vile wretched nincompoops! the addy is p.o. box 942 benicia ca 94510... whip out your trusty black ink and red paper and mail me stuff! My quasi-permanent email adress is You can send me pictures, words, bats, r.v. licorice whips, etc. But please send me stuff. I need your contribution so I can continue with this wretched publication. So dont be a silly shit and send me stuff or ELSE!!!
What else can I say? Thank you’s to all that need to be thanked. So march on, army of darkness! March on! And let me say again...
oh... and enjoy your stay! I have many lovely goodies for you to nibble on!
yourz in dementia...
return to my throbbing gristle of despair (muahhahahahahaha!!!!)