(L-R) Me, Rhea & Jeannie in Berkeley at one of those japanese sticky pictures booths. This is from summer of 1998

Moi at a show in Benicia sometime in 1997... spooky!

rhea, janice and some guy who's name i forgot on BART before the poetry slam, summer '98

My buddy Kiara and myself being scandalous at a ghetto vallejo movie theater photo booth. thats me with the bad hair on the left. may '99

Dan, Jeanne and Jamie on BART summer '98

this is my parental unit, smoking something peculiar back in commie country (*sometime in the 19th century*)

ray, dave, amy and sarah somewhere in 1995-6

sona & rhea @ sfstate's ghetto dorms winter '99

pati being silly on the phone '97-98

pati in her room '96

christy and andy at pati's house '97

pati in her room wearing my siouxsie shirt '96

Kiara adoring a doll head '98

This is me in kindergarden, Kiev '86

Andrea @ the Lab, Socal... looking sinister, as usual.. '96

last update: 06/12/99